As we near our 23rd year of Rolling Thunder, all is not well. Our country is at war and the POW/MIA issue is still very much “front and center.” While our economy is on its butt and millions of Americans are out of work, hundreds of thousands of good patriotic Americans will still make the trip to Washington, D.C., to participate in Rolling Thunder XXIII this Memorial Day weekend.

Including the spectators, last year’s crowd estimates topped just over 900,000. We can still claim to be the largest annual event in Washington. Many POW/MIA activist groups from around the world have joined our cause and have come under the Rolling Thunder umbrella . Without a doubt, Rolling Thunder Washington, D.C., Inc. is now the largest POW/MIA activist organization in the world. We have no required membership or chapters, but we work closely with other organizations, some having these requirements, to support both our troops and our lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill.

This year I’m pleased to announce that we have partnered with Vietnam magazine to create the Rolling Thunder XXIII Official Event Guide, which is being published inside the June issue of Vietnam and distributed free to Rolling Thunder participants. We appreciate the support of Vietnam, one of 11 magazines and the website, published by the Weider History Group, the world’s largest history magazine publisher.

Walt Sides


Rolling Thunder Washington, D.C. Inc.


Originally published in the June 2010 issue of Vietnam. To subscribe, click here