P. 28, General Grant’s ‘Living and Speaking Conscience

Read James Harrison Wilson’s The Life of John A. Rawlins online with Google Books.

P. 42, The ‘Madness’ of John Brown

The 150th Commemoration of Brown’s Raid on Harpers Ferry will take place at the Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, October 14 through October 18. johnbrownraid.org Academic Symposium “John Brown Remembered”

October 14-17, 2009 A 31⁄2-day academic symposium co-sponsored by Pennsylvania State University, Mont Alto and the Harpers Ferry Historical Association will feature sessions with David Blight, Spencer Crew and Paul Finkelman. For more information contact Peggy Russo at 717-749-6231 or u7k@psu.edu Sesquicentennial Commemoration of John Brown’s Raid October 16-18, 2009

Three days of music and educational events focusing on the 36 hours of John Brown’s Raid on Harpers Ferry. For more information contact 304-535-6029.

P. 50, Brown’s Army: Past & Present

For more information on John Brown’s legacy read: The Secret Six: The True Tale of the Men Who Conspired With John Brown, Edward J. Renehan Jr., University of South Carolina Press John Brown, William Edward Burghardt Du Bois, Modern Library

P. 52, So Far From Home

For more works by Glenn W. LaFantasie, read: Gettysburg Requiem: The Life and Lost Causes of Confederate Colonel William C. Oates, Oxford University Press

Twilight at Little Round Top: July 2, 1863—The Tide Turns at Gettysburg, Wiley

Gettysburg Heroes: Perfect Soldiers, Hallowed Ground, Indiana University Press A photographic history can be found in: Gettysburg: A Journey in Time, by William A. Frassanito, Scribners.