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Toward a Better Understanding of George McClellan, P. 28

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“Oh, that reminds me of a story,” P. 40

A lecture given by Mark Twain on the man he regarded as “America’s greatest humorist,” Charles Farrar Brown, aka Artemus Ward, can be found at: The full text of the following excerpt from Artemus Ward’s “Science and Natural History,” published in Punch magazine, is available at: pieces-10.html It will be remembered that on the occasion of the first battle of Bull Run, it suddenly occurd to the Fed’ral soldiers that they had business in Washington which ought not to be neglected, and they all started for that beautiful and romantic city, maintainin a rate of speed durin the entire distance that would have done credit to the celebrated French steed Gladiateur.

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To see the rest of the above letter (circa 1868), addressed to a black Republican county sheriff, part of the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History online archive, visit:

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Find maps, census data and other Franklin County historical documents at: