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Portfolio: Battle for The West

5/9/2011 • MHQ Online Extras

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8 Responses to Portfolio: Battle for The West

  1. Albert Vollmer says:

    Sheridan was an asshole!! You should burry him out his grave and to hang him. He was a slayer of the Indians. He had no right, to take away the land of the Indians and to kill them!

    • Dennis says:

      Student of history are you? Mind taking off the PC blinders for a minute and ask yourself, how did those ‘indians’ get the land they had.

    • Myron Paine says:

      Typical, for four centuries, WASP insult.

      Albert was probably teaching his Children the oldest Genesis in the world. His message is understandable and correct. Your’s maybe worded right, but is a gross insult on top of grievous injury. You missed the course on human relations.

      • Dennis says:

        I am not a WASP, but great job being prejudice. Because your statement isnt insulting on injurious either?

        For the record, what is more insulting and injurious is the white washing of history by all the “noble savage” crowd who bemoan the fate of the american indians (not “natives” by the way since they came to America in a VERY similar fashion as europeans – did you miss that part of history class?).
        The “natives” inflicted as much on themselves as the europeans and Americans. He and others ignore the significant tribalism and trying to leverage europeans/american firepower against each other. The indians fate was sealed by their own duplicitous relations with the europeans and americans. They had zero solidarity and lost playing a game they had little talent or knack. Its easy to blame europeans and americans/europeans, but in doing so you ignore the culpability of the bitterness and backstabbing going on between all the native tribes. Mohiccans were perfectly happy to watch their Huron enemies be wiped out and Hurons felt the same about Mohiccans, neither of them paid attention to their fate till it was too late. And it wasn’t brotherly love that drove most of the indian scouts in the US cavalry, but an axe to grind against their rival tribes.

        There are no innocents from that period, and certainly enough guilt from revenge massacres and killing of innocents on both sides. The only justification anyone has to critique Americans and Europeans and not ‘natives’ is they were just better at it.

  2. Myron Paine says:

    I understand the Algonquin Language.

    \Kikke\ = \See\ \Pooh\ = the whale spout.

    Kikkapooh Americans probably got their name because an arrogant French Man in Wisconsin was bragging about seeing the whale and the American stood up pointing at his chest and saying (I) Kikka pooh (too).

    The arrogant drove the Kikkapooh to the west.

    What Hitler and the German Army did what Sherman and the U.S. army did it was labeled \genocide\ and \Holocaust.\ The terror of Holocausts cannot be compared, but the Germans created fewer bodies.

    Where is the Holocaust shire for the Americans?

    The Lenape History tells the readers that the Americans from the Ohio river basin north to Hudson Bay were Norse Catholics. The Cheyennes descended from Norse Catholics. They moved to safety. They did not expect to be woken by charging U.S. calvary. Take a better look at genocide in progress.

  3. Rudolf says:

    mja..Dennis has a point .

  4. Myron Paine says:

    Have you read the Lenape history? (It is online at LENAPE LAND)

    Have you read the stanzas where they divided forces to filter south through lands occupied by the (Christian) Ojibwa and Albans)? (PARADIGM SHIFT: LOK MAP)?

    Were you told the American (Indian) stories that describe how the Cheyenne chose not to cross the Mississippi, going east, because they were knowledgable of the impending violence such a move would create?

    I assume you are familar with the US cavalry massacres at Sand Creek and Black Kettle. The morning calvary charge on the Cheyennes, who were in a remote valley to avoid the coming Dakota Way, is often consided a minor incident. You may not have known about that slaughter.

    The Lenape, who did cross the Mississippi, were harassed by cannibals. The cannibals considered the Lenape to be women, because they tried to avoid fighting. The English traded guns to the cannibals for Lenape scalps. As late as 1703 the cannibals lead about 700 Lenape to New York to eat during the winter.

    Major Sullivan, US Army fought a war of extermination that effectively wiped out the cannibals during the Revolutionary War.

    Perhaps, Dennis, you should set aside the paradigm the 17th Century English wanted to have. Read a lot more history, starting with the Lenape history, which details the Lenape migration.

    • Dennis says:

      So what I see is effectively you have read one source – an internet one – that basically bears up my statements and your critical reasoning skills didnt even figure that out.

      You didnt bring forth a single point that contradicts anything said, rather, it supports it. You bring up the example of a tribe who was harrassed and attacked by another tribe. How exactly is that any different than when I said the tribalism was as much a part of their downfall as European colonialism?

      Your little slighting attack about my reading and paradigm is humorous. You have one source that you incorrectly believe proves something. Your source proves my point for me as does your lack of in depth research.

      I am not going to list the litany of books I have read on the French and Indian War, Queen Anns war, King Georges War, the conquest of Mexico, the Conquest of the Inca, the Zulu Wars, the British conquest of India, etc etc that bear out my statements. I will simply point out that you have cited one source as if its an all encompassing demonstration of 400 years of history across two continents by 5 european imperial powers and numerous american countries. On top of that, your source, bears up not contradicts my point, that the native tribalism was their achilles heel, not the Europeans.
      If you want to compare libraries, trust me, you will lose. So I would recommend you go find some more sources that actually support whatever point you are trying to make – which you have made one yet.

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