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October 2009 HistoryNet Contests

10/15/2009 • HN Admin

This is a summary of what is going on this month on the prize front;

1. Daily Quiz Winners: Each week we give away one free subscription to one lucky winner who plays our Daily Quiz. We have a large group of winners being announced from over the summer – YOU could be among them!  You can enter this daily.

2. Newsletter Prizes: If you are an active subscriber to our newsletter (the newly revised World History Group Communique), you are automatically entered into our monthly drawing.  This month we are giving away a $100 credit to our store (www.historynetshop.com).  The winner for this will be announced in our November 2009 newsletter.  Look for it! [this replaces the same drawing on GreatHistory.com]

3. Fall Research Project: As this marks a transition of our newsletter from HistoryNet Communique to World History Group Communique, it seems a good time to launch a promotion such as this.  We want to find the person who is holding on to the oldest HistoryNet Communique in their email box.  Even we aren’t sure when the first issue went out, but it was somewhere in the 1997-2001 time frame as best we can tell.  How you can win?

There will be 2 ways to winFirst, if you send in any prior newsletter, you will be eligible for a drawing for a $25 credit to our store (two winners to be selected).  Second, if you send in the oldest confirmed copy of the HistoryNet Communique, you will be eligible for a $150 credit to our store (one winner)!  This contest will run through Dec. 31, 2009.  We will also try to announce the threshold for the oldest newsletters as they arrive.

Forward your email copies of our newsletter to fallproject@historynet.com.

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