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Infantry during the street battles of Stalingrad.

November/December 2015 Table of Contents

By HistoryNet Staff
9/21/2015 • WW2 Issues


Cover Story
Russian Sniper
Amid Stalingrad’s ruins, Vasily Zaytsev made every slug count
By Jochen Hellbeck

Scholars in Olive Drab
High IQ scores got 200,000 GIs out of combat and into college—for a while
By Daniel B. Moskowitz

Drawn into War
Unable to fight, cartoonist Milton Caniff sent his creations into battle
By David T. Zabecki

Friend or Foe?
At the Battle of the Bulge, Germans in disguise rattled Allied nerves
By Antony Beevor

Weapons Manual
Call Me Kate
Though outdated, the Nakajima BN5 was Japan’s mainstay torpedo bomber
By Jim Laurier


World War II Today
VA lets down mustard gas test survivors; Mitsubishi apologizes; James Wheeler’s Reading List

During World War II, future U.S. senator Bob Dole was a GI Everyman
By Michael Dolan

From the Footlocker
Curators at The National World War II Museum solve readers’ artifact mysteries

Fire for Effect
Generally speaking, this guy was the worst
By Robert M. Citino

Time Travel
At sea, in Idaho
By Jessica Wambach Brown

Rare bravery in Berlin; Rescue at Los Baños; Tiger Leader board game; gripping young adult read

Battle Films
Patton: Making music out of a military man’s life
By Mark Grimsley






Nazis in the Supreme Court
When Germany sent agents of destruction to America, their case went straight to the top. From the archives
By Daniel B. Moskowitz

Farragut Photo Exclusive
Bonus photos from our Farragut Naval Training Station Time Travel


Originally published in the November/December 2015 issue of World War II magazine.

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