Cover Story

The French Are Coming
By David T. Zabecki
The American Revolutionary War sparked a French-British fight for a tiny European island

When France Defied Hitler’s Panzers
By John Koster
Charles de Gaulle championed his nation’s armored forces

Forlorn Victory
By Ron Soodalter
The costly 1917 Battle of Passchendaele was a three-month slog through hell

Hearts and Minds in Mindanao
By Paul Maggioni
John J. Pershing honed his skills defeating a Muslim insurgency

The Peril of War
Renowned American artist Thomas Hart Benton depicted the U.S. Navy during both world wars

Queen’s Ransom
By Paul X. Rutz
Hawaii’s indebted last queen lost her throne to avaricious sugar barons and America’s headlong rush to empire

On the cover: Despite urging from his troops to assume a less conspicuous position, Major Francis Peirson took a fatal musket ball to the chest in the Battle of Jersey, as depicted in John Singleton Copley’s 1783 painting. PHOTO: Jersey Museum and Art Gallery

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Jane Doyle: Recognizing WASPs

By Frank Jastrzembski
The Fighting Parson

What We Learned From…
By Chuck Lyons
Nagashino, 1575

By Jon Guttman
Char B1 bis


Hallowed Ground
By Chris Allsop
Bosworth Field, England

War Games

War’s Unexpected Images

In the Archives
Pershing Makes an Army
By Edward G. Lengel
General John J. “Black Jack” Pershing established an Army that would fight under its own commanders in Europe

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