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Ned Seath’s Navy Cross Ceremony

3/30/2011 • Vietnam Gallery, Vietnam War


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  1. Louis Lubke says:

    One thing this and other articles do not recount is what we really should be asking? Why was the medal awarded THEN withheld 45 years? What collateral damage was done to this true hero who was sytematically and almost entirely dismissed, and why is the gross negligence of our veterans still headline news? Are we promoting justice, or just us? I leave this question for history to judge…As for Ned, I am proud to say he is both my cousin and the best guy you could ever get to know. I only met him once about 5 years ago, but he never complained, was proud to have served, but never mentioned this chapter of his life to me or anyone else in our family. I am very surprised, and also a little ashamed of myself, that I have not heard of this through the usual family grapevine, but the fault for that is my own. As for our veterans, we are all responsible, and it is damn time we own it. Oorah, and God bless you one and all.

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