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My Scary Story

8/22/2010 • Wild West Ghost Stories

One night dark and dreary…

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  1. David Lauterborn says:

    OK, I’ll get the ball and rattling chain rolling …

    I recall sitting at home as a young boy and seeing out of the corner of my eye my mother walking through a sunny patch in the living room. I called out to her and then realized … Mom was out running errands. Have to say I don’t believe in ghosts per se, but that was certainly a spooky feeling.

    All right, your turn …

    Dave Lauterborn
    Managing Editor
    Wild West

  2. Steph Wright says:

    My Dad was a joker and he promised he would get my Mom while she was watching scary movies. My mother was watching TV one night after he passed away. She noticed Dad’s shoes materializing in front of the stove, then his pants. She said “OK, Bow, that’s enough,” and the appararition slipped away.

    • Bob Stinson says:

      The smell of a dead body was very weird when standing at the entrance to the Devereux ballroom at the Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. A gathering of police officers years earlier complained of the foul odor and said the only thing they could describe it as, was the smell of a decaying corpse!!

  3. Lyndon says:

    What have the above comments to do with military history?

    I expect better from your column.

    Have a life, you guys!

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