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Most Iconic Landscape of the Wild West

4/8/2009 • Discussions

Thanks in large part to director John Ford, many people view Monument Valley, which spans the Arizona-Utah border, as the natural Western feature that best conveys the “Wild West.” Do you agree, or would you nominate another location, such as the Grand Canyon, Pikes Peak, the Black Hills, Death Valley, Yellowstone, Yosemite, California’s Alabama Hills/Inyo National Forest, Old Tucson’s desert scenery, New Mexico’s White Sands, or even the mountainscape of Alberta, Canada?

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  1. Jim Dennison says:

    If you’ll allow ‘waterscapes’ as iconic features, then the Missouri River must rate at or near the top of the list, as it ensured the very survival of native flora and fauna, including the humans who settled along its banks. No river, no life … no story of the great West.

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