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Cover Story
Taking Crimea … Again
By Robert Citino
Why fight for it? The ruler of this Black Sea peninsula has 360-degree power projection—north into Ukraine, east into the Caucasus, south into Asia Minor or west into the Balkans

Shaka Zulu: Africa’s Napoléon
By Stephan Wilkinson
Regardless of the facts, Shaka has become the stuff of myth

Jihad: War to the Knife
By Richard A. Gabriel
Jihad no longer restrains men but inspires unfettered slaughter

War Artists at Sea
A current British exhibition explores the essence of naval warfare through artists’ eyes

Alvin York: Hero of the Argonne
By Douglas V. Mastriano
The Tennessee rifleman captured a regiment to save his squad

Mexico’s Irish Army
By Ron Soodalter
Men of the Saint Patrick’s Battalion risked all to fight in Mexico

On the cover: The World War II fight for Ukraine, the Crimean Peninsula in particular, shows on the face of this battle-worn German soldier in 1943. (Ullstein Bild/The Image Works)

History’s Worst Weapons, Warsaw Ghetto

Lawrence of Arabia, Overlooked Medals of Honor

Weider Reader
Excerpts From Our Sister Publications

R. Scott Stephenson: A Revolutionary Museum

By Chuck Lyons
To Die Standing Up

What We Learned
By Joseph F. Callo
From the Rebel Raiders

By Jon Guttman
Short Magazine Lee-Enfield

Letter From Military History


Hallowed Ground
By Sarah Cokeley
Wereth, Belgium

War Games

War’s Unexpected Images

Have holy wars throughout history really been conflicts over faith
or more struggles under that banner for power, wealth and other worldly causes?

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