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Cover Story
Killer U-Boats
By Stephan Wilkinson
In the lead-up to World War I, Krupp’s shipyard in Kiel, Germany, transformed a nautical novelty into a deadly weapons system

Portfolio: Subliminal War
World War I propaganda artists reached deep to praise and pillory submarine warfare

French Fiasco in Egypt
By Anthony Brandt
In 1798 Napoléon’s plans to conquer Egypt died in the desert

Right Man, Right Time
By Mark Moyar
How Sir Gerald Templer outmaneuvered Malayan insurgents in 1952

The Frontier Fleet
By Eric Niderost
In 1813 America scratch-built a squadron from Lake Erie timber

Trajan’s Column
By Richard A. Gabriel
This marble pillar illustrates the emperor’s Dacian campaigns


On the cover: A German submarine breaks the surface during the 1914–18 U-boat campaign. (National Archives/Colorization by Slingshot Studio, Atlanta, Georgia)




Evan Thomas: War Lovers and American Power

What We Learned
By William H. McMichael
from the Mayaguez Incident

By Chuck Lyons
John Cromwell: Down with His Submarine

Hand Tool
By Jon Guttman
Roman Pontoon Bridge


Power Tool
By Jon Guttman

Letter from Military History


Hallowed Ground
By Edward G. Lengel
Fort Necessity, Pennsylvania

War Games

Weapons We’re Glad They Never Built
By Rick Meyerowitz
Ford FF-1 Feckless Bomber


Military History Reader Poll:

In view of subsequent experiences in places like Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, what of Britain’s successful response to the Malayan Emergency might be applied toward countering future insurgencies?


War of 1812: Perry prevails at Lake Erie

U-505: Cursed child of the Kriegsmarine

Napoléon in Egypt: Battle of the Pyramids

Siege of Jerusalem: Josephus’ war journal

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