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Military History Reader Poll – March 2014

12/27/2013 • Discussions

Was Michael Collins a freedom fighter in the cause for Irish independence, a pro-treaty sellout or the terrorist leader of the IRA assassination unit known as The Squad?

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  1. Brian says:

    My father emigrated from Ireland to the U.S. in 1948. He always told me you had to be for [Michael] Collins or [Eamon] de Valera. Collins was a terrorist/freedom fighter. His violence was the only thing that brought England to the table.

    Everyone knew that Eire would never get the north without even more brutal war. De Valera was a snake. He sent Collins to negotiate for the free state so he could say Collins gave away the north. Then when Collins was too popular, he (de Valera) declared civil war, and Collins took the blame for the north. Most Irish were with Collins, but like many revolutionary zealots de Valera took power with a small minority.

  2. Patrick Walker says:

    Michael Collins was a terrorist but no freedom fighter, there was no freedom to fight for, Ireland was part of Britain (NOT ‘England’!).

    Britain had always peacefully negotiated with Irish Nationalists and granted them Home Rule, Republicans couldn’t stand that as it would prove their delusion of being an oppressed English colony was a lie, they wanted to stab Britain in the and murder and ethnically cleanse the Irish Unionists for the ‘crime’ of being different.

    Morally there’s nothing to distinguish them. It’s simply that Collins was stupider and allowed himself to be outmanouvered.

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