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Cover Story
Churchill Rejoins the Ranks
By Bradley P. Tolppanen
In 1915–16 a disgraced Winston Churchill sought redemption in the Western Front trenches

Nailed to the Ground
By Adam Nettina
Spanish volunteer soldiers of the German Blue Division took the fight to the Soviets in 1941

By Sarah R. Cokeley
A gallery of historic helmets traces the evolution of warfare from 3000 BC to present

China’s American Ace
By Ron Soodalter
Compelled by his ancestry, U.S.-born Art Chin entered the air war in China in the 1930s

The Man Who Let Goeben Escape
By Marc G. DeSantis
Should British Rear Adm. Ernest Troubridge have intercepted the German battlecruiser in 1914?

Mexican Standoff
By Benjamin Wood
French Emperor Napoléon III cited unpaid war debt as his reason to invade Mexico in 1861

On the Cover: Churchill dressed for the trenches. Sir John Lavery/Chartwell, Kent, U.K./The Churchill Collection/National Trust Photographic Library/Derrick E. Witty/Bridgeman Images

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HURL Director Terry Kerby

By Chuck Lyons
Captain Noel Chavasse: Twice Honored

What We Learned From …
By John Bertrand
Kolwezi, Zaire, 1978

By Jon Guttman
Invincible-Class Battlecruisers

Letter From Military History


Hallowed Ground
By David T. Zabecki
Milvian Bridge, Rome, Italy

War Games

War’s Unexpected Images


In the Archives
Churchill Takes Charge
By Williamson Murray 
In the summer of 1940 it took just eight weeks for Britain’s new prime minister to set the Allies on the road to victory

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