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Cover Story
W. Eugene Smith’s Pacific
The father of the modern photographic essay polished his craft amid the chaos and carnage of World War II island warfare, in the process capturing some of the best known—and most haunting—combat images ever made

First Shot of World War I
By Christopher Clark
How inept assassins in the Balkans sparked global conflict

1812: The Bitter End
By Anthony Brandt
Napoléon dominated Russia—until he tangled with General Winter

Bloodlands: Paris
By Richard A. Gabriel
Famed as the city of light, the French capital has a dark history

Elizabeth’s Sea Dogs
By Wade G. Dudley
English privateers served their queen while making their fortunes

The Adventures of Cap’n Crockett
By Joseph T.N. Suarez
Davy’s descendant volunteered to tame the Philippine frontier

On the cover: U.S. Marine Pfc. Thomas E. Underwood at Saipan, July 1944. (W. Eugene Smith/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images)

Why Rome Fell, Grenada Invasion

World War I Centenary, JPAC Under Fire

Weider Reader
Excerpts From Our Sister Publications

Eric Schlosser: Controlling Nukes

By Chuck Lyons
The Laughing Paratrooper

By Edward G. Lengel
The Brink of War at Fashoda

What We Learned…
By Stephan Wilkinson
From Dunkirk, 1940

Letter From Military History


Hallowed Ground
By Michael W. Robbins
Port Chicago, California

War Games

General Disorder
By Rick Meyerowitz
Maurice Gustave Gamelin


Other than the 1914 assassination of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand, when and where else in the world has a single assassination or death sparked a chain of events leading to a major calamity? Could that happen today?