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Cover Story
When Maggie Flew With the Forts
Known for her crisp commercial photography, Margaret Bourke-White risked all during World War II to capture the Eighth Air Force from the ground and in the air

Last Stand at Ely
By Kim Stubbs
Hereward the Wake defied William the Conqueror from a swampy lair

Cold War in the Corfu
By James P. Delgado
Britain and Albania faced off mere months after World War II

10 of History’s Worst Weapons
By Stephan Wilkinson
The Great Panjandrum was pretty bad but perhaps not the worst

Dodging a Bullet
By Ron Soodalter
How a brawl over cartridges nearly cost Britain everything in India

Von Ripper: Painter With a Gun
By Peter Carlson
Rudolph Von Ripper captured grisly scenes and German prisoners

On the cover: Eighth Air Force airmen pose in 1942 in their high-altitude flying outfits, with oxygen masks and tinted goggles. (Margaret Bourke-White/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images)

War and Healing, Doolittle Raider Richard Cole

Japanese Mega-sub I-400, Arlington Sesquicentennial

Weider Reader
Excerpts From Our Sister Publications

Patrick Hallinan: Arlington National Cemetery at 150

What We Learned…
By Joseph F. Callo
From the Coral Sea, 1942

By Chuck Lyons
6th U.S. Cavalry: Wallowing in Courage

By Jon Guttman
Mark I Lewis Gun

Letter From Military History


Hallowed Ground
By David T. Zabecki
Chemin des Dames, France

War Games

War’s Unexpected Images

Are recent maritime incidents and disputes over sovereignty claims between South and North Korea, China and Japan signs of a renewed
Cold War or simply the continuation of age-old cultural tensions?

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