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Cover Story
By Stephan Wilkinson
From its khaki drab origins, camouflage—the art of hiding from the enemy’s prying eyes—has entered the realm of the invisible man

Frederick’s One Big Idea
By Dennis Showalter
Prussia’s king strove for a well-ordered state—at any cost

Close Call at Chosin
By Thomas E. Ricks
Maj. Gen. O.P. Smith saved his Marines from annihilation in Korea

Portfolio: War/Photography
A major new exhibit explores the experience of war through photographers’ eyes

Bloodlands: Gaza
By Richard A. Gabriel
This gateway city to the Levant has long been a war zone

German Spies in New York!
By Michael S. Neiberg
Saboteurs roamed America on the eve of World War I

On the cover: A camouflaged German Bf 109E blends into the Libyan desert while on patrol during World War II. (Associated Press/Colorized by John Roche/Slingshot Studio)

The Throwback War, Gallipoli

USS Enterprise Inactivated, Brewster Buffalo at Midway

Rick Atkinson: World War II Finale

By Chuck Lyons
Finland’s White Death

What We Learned…
By Dennis Showalter
From Tannenberg, 1914

By Edward G. Lengel
Marlborough at Blenheim

Hand Tool
By Jon Guttman
Macedonian Sarissa

Power Tool
By Jon Guttman
Canon de 75 modèle 1879

Weider Reader
Excerpts From Our Sister Publications

Letter From Military History


Hallowed Ground
By David T. Zabecki
Field of Blackbirds, Kosovo

War Games

General Disorder
By Rick Meyerowitz
Maj. Gen. Charles Willoughby


Should captured saboteurs be prosecuted differently based on whether they committed their acts during a mutually declared war?