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Cover Story
Lionheart’s Greatest Victory
By Alex Zakrzewski
When Saladin seized the Crusader-held port of Jaffa in 1192, Richard I clawed his way back and forced the sultan to the negotiating table

Australia’s Pearl Harbor
By Stephan Wilkinson
In early 1942 the port of Darwin made the Japanese hit list

Greek Tragedy
By Ron Soodalter
Civil conflict took a further toll in the aftermath of World War II

Brushes With Conflict
By Sarah R. Cokeley
Painter Jacques-Louis David captured France in its time of crisis

Tinker, Sailor, Aviator, Spy
By Thomas G. Bradbeer
British pilot Frederick Rutland’s descent from hero to traitor

The Myth of Masada
By Richard A. Gabriel
Jewish rebels killed themselves rather than submit—or did they?
On the Cover: Richard I, as reimagined in grand style by 19th century French painter Merry-Joseph Blondel. “The Lionheart” displayed trademark determination at Jaffa in 1192. (Château de Versailles/Bridgeman Images)

Lessons From Desert Storm, Empire vs. Tribe

Philip II’s Cremains Found?, Navy Marks 60th Anniversary of Nuclear Fleet

April Cheek-Messier: Bedford’s D-Day Sacrifice

Weider Reader
Excerpts From Our Sister Publications

By Chuck Lyons
Into the Breach

What We Learned…
By Jon Guttman
From the Battle of New Orleans

By Jon Guttman
Curtiss P-40E Warhawk

Letter From Military History


Hallowed Ground
By David T. Zabecki
Oradour-sur-Glane, France

War Games

War’s Unexpected Images

What distinguishes freedom fighters from terrorists? Their conduct? The cause? Or does one’s personal perception obscure the lines too much to discern?

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