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Cover Story
Act of War
By Mitch Lerner
North Korea’s January 1968 hijacking of the American spy ship Pueblo was the worst in a long-standing series of military provocations

Thieves Among Honor
By William H. McMichael
Wannabes falsely claim military service and honors

Napoléon’s Final Triumph
By Tim Fitzpatrick
In 1809 France outfoxed and outfought Austria at Wagram

Portfolio: Art in Armor
A catalog of striking samurai arms and armor dating from the 12th century

Confederate Raider Raphael Semmes: Catch Me If You Can!
By Wade G. Dudley
Daring Rebel raider Raphael Semmes and CSS Alabama plagued Union shipping

Price of Victory
By James Lacey
War costs money—lots and lots of money



P.W. Singer: The Rise of Robotic Warfare

What We Learned
By Peter Andreas
From the Siege of Sarajevo

By David T. Zabecki
Lt. Col. Francis P. Duffy: Broadway’s Fighting Priest

Hand Tool
By Jon Guttman

Power Tool
By Jon Guttman
Rains Land TorpedoLetter from Military History


Hallowed Ground
By Richard Slotkin
Petersburg Crater, Virginia

War Games Weapons We’re Glad They Never Built
By Rick Meyerowitz
Hadrian’s Piccoli Scherzi


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Stand or Die: 1950 Battle of the Pusan Perimeter, Korea

Napoléon’s Total War: Engulfing Europe, 1792–1815

Siege of Petersburg: Impact on the city and citizens

Weaponry: The samurai sword

On the cover: USS Pueblo had 83 crewmen aboard when seized off Wonsan, North Korea, on Jan. 23, 1968.

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