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July 2015 • Table of Contents

4/30/2015 • MH Issues

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Cover Story
Japan’s Last Fight
By Sir Max Hastings
Though Hirohito surrendered on Aug. 15, 1945, soldiers on islands to the north and in Manchuria kept fighting to the death against Soviet invaders

Casting the Die at Edgehill
By Christopher G. Marquis
The seesaw clash that commenced the English Civil War

‘Biggest Story of My Life’
By Norman Goldstein
Behind enemy lines reporter Joe Morton found death—his own

Bloody Goliad: Birth of a Republic
By Ron Soodalter
After the Alamo came a far worse—yet often overlooked—massacre

War Ends!
World War II ended in a flurry of headline-grabbing events and memorable images

‘Great War’ Films
By Richard Farmer
Movies that capture the horror and dark humor of World War I
On the Cover: In the closing days of World War II, and for some days afterward, Japan and the Soviet Union kept fighting in Manchuria and on a contested island group. (National Archives; Flag Image: Enjoyz/Istockphoto)

Allied Intervention in Russia, Falklands War
U.S. Navy Reserve Centennial, 50th Anniversary of Churchill’s DeathInterview
Marine Corps General James MattisHistoryNet Reader
Excerpts From Our Sister Publications

By David T. Zabecki
England’s Best Knight

What We Learned…
By Stephan Wilkinson
From the Tonkin Gulf, 1964Hardware
By Jon Guttman
Type 95 Ha-Go Light TankLetter From Military HistoryReviews

Hallowed Ground
By Robert Guttman
River Vale, New Jersey

War Games

War’s Unexpected Images

The Battle of Edgehill began the hands-on education of Oliver Cromwell. What other noted military commanders learned mainly from experience rather than prior training?

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