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Military History – January 2014 – Table of Contents

10/30/2013 • MH Issues

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Cover Story
Afghanistan Fiasco
By Anthony Brandt
In 1979 the Soviet Union intervened in a bloody civil war then rending Afghanistan—that was their first mistake. Mujahedeen fighters ensured it wouldn’t be their last

The Cost of Victory
By Robert M. Citino
Victory often takes a terrible toll in human lives and treasure

Ben Franklin’s Tory Bastard
By Thomas B. Allen
Franklin’s illegitimate son, William, was no friend of the Patriots

Bloodlands: Alexandria
By Richard A. Gabriel
The ancient capital of Egypt remains a Mediterranean tinderbox

A look at war photographer Robert Capa’s striking images on the centennial of his birth

The Light Horse Takes Beersheba
By Ron Soodalter
In 1917 bold Australian horsemen stared down the Ottoman guns

On the cover: Posing in 1983 with knife in mouth and a rifle slung across his back, this aged mujahedeen rebel epitomizes the hardened Afghan fighter. (© Mark Richards/ZUMA/Corbis)

Who Is That Man on the Cover?, Why Rome Fell

King Richard III Reburial, Hougoumont Restoration

Weider Reader
Excerpts From Our Sister Publications

Robert J. Dalessandro: Writing Army History

By Robert Guttman
Li-Wo‘s Last Fight

By Edward G. Lengel
Dropping the Bomb

What We Learned…
By Anthony Brandt
From Fort Eben-Emael, 1940

Letter From Military History


Hallowed Ground
By David T. Zabecki
Lake Trasimeno, Italy

War Games

When Tanks Fly


Name wars or campaigns whose victorious outcomes improved matters for one or both sides involved, as compared to wars or campaigns that would have been the worse all around had the “wrong side” won.


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