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Cover Story
Facing the Tigers
By Ludwig Heinrich Dyck
In 1944 the Allies sought to outflank German-held Caen and break out from the Normandy hedgerows. They ran into a wall of Nazi armor at Hill 112

Society of the Cincinnati
By Thomas B. Allen
Fraternity of revolutionary officers or monarchist conspiracy?

Japan’s First Big Surprise
By Robert M. Citino
Tokyo debuted its modern military decades before World War II

Portfolio: Japan Ridicules Russia
As the Russo-Japanese War raged, Japanese artists provoked laughter on the home front

Bloodlands: Adrianople
By Richard A. Gabriel
A chokepoint between the East and West for two millennia

A True Warrior-King
By Dennis Showalter
Gustavus II Adolphus literally put Sweden on the European map

On the cover: A 101st SS Heavy Panzer Battalion Tiger tank rolls into action against Allied forces around Caen, France, in June 1944. (Bundesarchiv, Bild 101I-738-0267-18, Photo: Arthur Grimm)

Jamestown Rediscovery, Chippawa Lessons

Constitution Makes Sail, Search for the Lost Maryland 400

By Chuck Lyons
Hanging by a Thread

Doug Sterner: Guardian of Valor

What We Learned…
By Mark Grimsley
From the Battle of Shiloh

By Edward G. Lengel
Edward III at Crécy

Hand Tool
By Jon Guttman
Mark I Trench Knife

Power Tool
By Jon Guttman

Letter From Military History


War Games

General Disorder
By Rick Meyerowitz
James Ledlie and the Battle of the Crater


Military History Reader Poll:

Could the Allies have broken out of Caen sooner had they had more Sherman Fireflies? Could the Germans have held out with more Tigers?


Jack London: Russo-Japanese War correspondent

Normandy’s Hedgerows: Battling Rommel’s Panzers

Thirty Years’ War: Gustavus II Adolphus at Breitenfeld

Fredendall’s Art of War: Was he to blame for Kasserine?