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Cover Story
Indomitable Afghanistan
By Stephen Tanner
Though a tribal-based society, divided as much by ethnicity as by rugged geography, Afghanistan remains a formidable foe to outsiders.

Fallen Timbers, Broken Alliance
By Thomas Fleming
“Mad Anthony” Wayne tamed the Northwest Territory in 1794.

Heist in Cherbourg
By Gary Rashba
How Israel “stole” its own boats from France on Christmas Eve 1969.

Do You Want Everyone to Die?
By Mark Thompson
Italy and Austria-Hungary’s mutual butchery on the Isonzo in 1915.

Portfolio: Battlescapes
Modern-day images of historic battlefields show that time and nature heal all wounds.

J.F.C. “Boney” Fuller: The Wacko Genius of Armored Warfare
By Stephan Wilkinson
Great War British officer “Boney” Fuller fathered the blitzkrieg.




Odyssey’s Gregory Stemm: Salvaging Maritime History?

What We Learned
from the Battle of Ball’s Bluff

Eddie Rickenbacker: America’s Top World War I Ace

Hand Tool


Power Tool
Afghan Jezail

Letter from Military History


Hallowed Ground
Cowpens, South Carolina

War Games

Weapons We’re Glad They Never Built
Origami-Class Aircraft Carrier


Military History Reader Poll:

Which countries besides Afghanistan have had a tradition of being poison to whoever invaded them—and what qualities made them so?


“Afghanistan: Second Afghan War”

“Tank Warfare: Blueprint for Blitzkrieg”

“Indian Wars: Tecumseh, Red Cloud and Sitting Bull

“Civil War: Battle of Ball’s Bluff”

On the cover: An Indian cavalry unit advances across the North-West Frontier toward the Khyber Pass between India and Afghanistan, September 1922. The region is now part of Pakistan. (Photo by Topical Press Agency/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)