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Churchill at War

Charging Forth With Sword and Pen
By John Chettle
At the turn of the 20th century, the young soldier-newspaperman found himself appalled—and fascinated—by war

Scandinavian Twist [Click Here to Preview the Article and View Gallery of Images]
By Rod Paschall
Churchill’s 1940 fiasco in Norway propelled him into office—and ensured that Hitler would fail to turn back the D-Day invasion

Bonus Winston Churchill Gallery [Click Here to View the Gallery]

‘A Madman’s Business’—an excerpt from A Stillness at Appomattox
By Bruce Catton
Death was everywhere at Cold Harbor in 1864, but the point of the killing and the war itself seemed lost

Everyman’s Gun
By C. J. Chivers
How Cold War politics made the AK-47 the world’s most ubiquitous weapon. Plus—Fidel, Saddam, and the history of rapid-fire arms

Lost and Found

Missing for more than half a century, early work of Robert Capa and two colleagues reveals the genesis of modern war photography

Shooting Down a Legend [Click Here to Preview the Article]
By O’Brien Browne
The Red Baron’s slow, balky triplane was no great fighting machine

To Catch a Traitor
By Michael Kranish
Recruited by George Washington to kidnap the turncoat Benedict Arnold, John Champe had to join the British himself to trap his man

Polish Cavalry vs. German Panzers [Click Here to Preview The Article]

By John Dunn
The real story of Germany’s invasion of Poland is far more interesting than the enduring Nazi-promulgated myth

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Fighting Words
Robert E. Lee, Tycoon?
By Christine Ammer

Tactical Exercises
Fear the Phalanx
By Michael J. Taylor

Experience of War
Red Sun Rising

By James Creelman

In Review

The Civil War of 1812, by Alan Taylor;

Cry Havoc, by Joseph Maiolo.

Also, General Tommy Franks and How Wars End


A Bird’s-Eye View of Vietnam
Australian and American veterans in a unique international helicopter unit recall their war experiences

Extra Round
Images of War: Benito Mussolini’s forces mobilizing to invade Ethiopia in 1935 included a camel corps from Libya, then an Italian colony.

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On The Cover: Winston Churchill wore medals during World War I he had earned since joining the army in 1895. From left to right, they are: the King George V Coronation Medal; the India Medal (with the clasp marking his service on the Punjab Frontier); the Queen’s Sudan Medal; the Queen’s South Africa Medal (clasps: Diamond Hill, Johannesburg, Relief of Ladysmith, Orange Free State, Tugela Heights, and Cape Colony); the Cross of the Order of Military Merit, Red Ribbon, First Class, Spain; and the Khedive’s Sudan Medal, Egypt (clasp: Khartoum). See page 16 for the story about Churchill’s early years as a soldier. (© Bettmann/Corbis; colorization by John Roche/Slingshot Studio)

On The Back Cover: In 1940, Hitler ordered German troops to invade Norway. For Rod Paschall’s analysis of how Britain’s loss there helped the Allies four years later at Normandy, see page 26. (Bilarchiv Preussischer Kulturbesitz/Art Resource, New York)



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