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Military History Quarterly Winter 2009 Table Of Contents

1/20/2009 • MHQ Table of Contents

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Togo Ignites The Rising Sun
by John M. Taylor
By destroying the Russian fleets in the 1904-1905 Russo-Japanese War, the admiral opened his country’s catastrophic era of militarism.

[Portfolio] Seeing Yellow
by Jennifer E. Berry
To whip up support for its war against Japan, Russia turned out hundreds of inaccurate and racist cartoon prints.

[Point of View] FDR Writes a Policy in Blood
by Thomas Fleming
By insisting that Japan and Germany accept only unconditional surrender, Roosevelt ensured that the war would continue to its bitter end.

How the French Won the American Revolution
by James E. Held
Decrepit ships, snarled signals, and indecision doomed the British at the Battle of Virginia Capes and secured America’s independence.

War Behind the Wire
by Allan R. Millett
Americans learned a hard lesson in 1952 when North Korean Communists took over their POW compound-and kidnapped a general.

The Unintended Revolution
by Vincent P. O’Hara
Mexico’s war of independence started out as a coup, and ended with the creation of a nation.

Warren v. Sheridan
by Noah Andre Trudeau
Was the abrupt battlefield replacement of one of the architects of the Union victory at Five Forks warranted? In 1882, a court of inquiry made the call. 


Letter From MHQ

Letters to the Editor/Ask MHQ

[Artists on War]
War in Miniature
by Pamela D. Toler
Tamurlane, heir to Genghis Khan, ensured his legacy by recording histories illustrated with small, exquisite paintings.

[Fighting Words]
"The Whole Shooting Match"

by Christine Ammer
Our lexicographer considers terms coined in World War I.

[Experience of War]
A View From the Trenches
by Holger H. Herwig
A Bavarian general’s diary from 1914 describes the mutation of the Great War from a war of maneuver to one of static lines.




In Review
Leningrad: State of Siege by Michael Jones; One Minute to Midnight: Kennedy, Khrushchev, and Castro on the Brink of Nuclear War by Michael Dobbs; and The Great Arab Conquests: How the Spread of Islam Changed the World We Live in by Hugh Kennedy

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On The Cover: By the time this photograph was taken in 1909, five years after his landmark victory over the Russian fleet, Admiral Heihachiro Togo and Japan were set firmly and bloodily on the path of fateful militarism, as John M. Taylor recounts.



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