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MHQ Table of Contents, Winter 2014

11/12/2013 • MHQ Table of Contents

The Winter 2014 issue of MHQ goes on sale November 11, 2013. Visit the Historynet Store to order your copy today!

The Quarterly Journal of Military History
Winter 2014, Volume 26, Number 2


Lincoln’s Choice
by Scott W. Berg
In the midst of the Civil War, President Lincoln personally decided who among 303 convicted Dakota warriors would hang

An International Red Line (plus Online Extra Gallery)
by Christopher A. Warren
Why chemical weapons are taboo

Death Boards the Essex
by George C. Daughan
U.S. Navy captain David Porter bore the elements of greatness—but his epic 1812 Pacific voyage led to a Shakespearean final act

A Bridge of Ships (article preview, plus Online Extra Gallery)
by Doug Stewart
World War I’s massive transport of men and materiel turned the ocean into a highway

Emperor vs. Pirate
by Bruce Ware Allen
In 1535, Suleiman’s proxy, pirate Khair ad-Din “Barbarossa,” bet that he could defend Tunis against Charles V’s massive invasion force. He was mistaken.

Saboteurs at Work
by Thomas B. Allen
Special operations are never as slick as Hollywood suggests, but sometimes—despite huge obstacles and high risks—they work

Last Shots

by Sarah Richardson
Fallen photographers of the Vietnam War

What a Century!

by Michael S. Neiberg
Why the centenary of the First World War matters more than most


Doomsday on Wheels?
by C. G. Sweeting
The U.S. Army’s unique, 85-ton artillery launcher could certainly shoot, but could it really scoot?

Letter From MHQ




Unknown Soldier
The ubiquitous Captain Montrésor

Behind the Lines
Death of the High Seas Fleet


The War List
Spectacular retreats

German carriers, Colombia in Korea

Weapons Check
Man stopper: Colt M1911

Fighting Words
George Washington schlepped here

Drawn and Quartered
Goodbye, Versailles

Battle Schemes
Who saved Vienna?


Museum Watch

The Battle of Kursk; how the U.S. mobilized for World War II; the War of 1812 on DVD; holiday gift books

Antoine Watteau makes his mark

A new novel conjures the surreal and grisly Battle of the Wilderness


Cover caption: In late 1862 President Abraham Lincoln faced hundreds of life-or-death decisions. Our cover story explores how he weighed which captured warriors from the Sioux Uprising deserved hanging. (Alexander Gardner/Library of Congress)




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