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John Brown’s Blood Oath
by Tony Horwitz
Before Harpers Ferry, the abolitionist promised a campaign of violence. It began with a gruesome midnight massacre in Kansas

‘A Moment Full of Peril’
by Noah Andre Trudeau
Afraid that John Brown might touch off a national insurrection
at Harpers Ferry, Washington officials turned to Robert E. Lee

In Plain Sight
by Edward Savela
Americans could have easily found the Japanese spy who set the stage for the Pearl Harbor attack—if only they had looked

Marathon Men
by Jim Lacey
The Athenian fighters at the Battle of Marathon weren’t amateurs. They were smart and ruthless—the Israel Defense Force of their day

The Things They Carried
What a soldier takes to war is anything but trivial

Online Gallery: The Things They Carried

Add to Our Portfolio!:  Share your photographs of you or your relatives with things carried to war

Rogers’ Rangers Ice Capade
by Elliot A. Cohen
Pioneers of American special-ops forces made their mark in a snowy 1758 battle against the French

How Richard Nixon Almost Won in Vietnam 
by Thomas Fleming
The 1972 Battle of An Loc proved that he had found the key to victory

Sea Change
by Ronald Spector
The U.S. Navy reinvented itself—and the American sailor—during a century of radical change in technology and warfare

Plus: See our online gallery of U.S. Navy recruiting posters from the Civil War to the Cold War


Letter From MHQ

Drone wars; Black Hawk down

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Did Patton Have Bipolar Disorder?

Fighting Words
Military Terms in Sports
by Christine Ammer

Experience of War
Morphine, Splints, and Hot Tea
by Arthur Anderson Martin

Arms & Men
Pump Up the Volume
by Phillip S. Meilinger

The War List
History’s Influential Weapons
by Chris McNab

Artists on War
Revenge on Canvas
by Pamela D. Toler

In Review
The Storm of War, by Andrew Roberts

Inferno, by Max Hastings

Excerpt: American Nations, by Colin Woodard

Armies of the Napoleonic Wars, edited by Chris McNab

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COVER PHOTO: This Civil War–era engraving was based on a painting done just after Robert E. Lee, as a U.S. Army colonel, put down John Brown’s 1859 raid on Harpers Ferry  and became a national hero. The painting itself was a reworking of a Matthew Brady daguerreotype taken between 1850 and 1852, when Lee was in his mid-40s. (IstockPhoto/Thinkstock/Colorized by Vertis Communications)



Blood, Frostbite, and Victory
by C. G. Sweeting
A ragtag German force stands firm against brutal cold and Russian assaults

Extra Round
Images of War: Fortifications at Port Arthur

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