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The Quarterly Journal of Military History
Summer 2015, Volume 28 Number 2
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Last Days in Berlin
by Robert M. Citino
The bitter end for Nazi Germany was an apocalyptic high-casualty street fight. The Red Army won

Steeplechase in the Carolinas, 1781
by Noah Andre Trudeau
When Nathanael Greene and Charles Cornwallis finally clashed at Guilford Courthouse, Cornwallis had bayonets and discipline. Greene had a surprise—and a war-winning strategy

Waterloo: Remains of the Day
Relics from the battlefield

Scots Peak at Prestonpans
by Ron Soodalter
The legendary defeat of a British army in 1745 was the high point for the doomed Bonnie Prince Charlie, his Jacobite Rebellion, and the Highland way of life

How Julius Caesar Conquered Gaul—and Rome
by Barry Strauss
The ambitious general’s win over Celtic barbarians at Sabis in 57 BC proved less important than his own glorified tale of the battle

Holding the Farm
by Brendan Simms
Napoleon’s main frontal attack at Waterloo was stalled by a single rifle battalion

G-2 From the Ground Up
by Mark Stout
How U.S. Army Intelligence was created by General John J. Pershing’s American Expeditionary Force in World War I

Days of Thunder
by C. G. Sweeting
The making of Dora, the world’s biggest gun

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Behind the Lines
Integrating the U.S. Navy

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The War List
The plagues of war

Weapons Check
Medieval crossbow

Battle Schemes
Mapping the Cold War, 1953


Culture of War

Museum Watch

Gettysburg Cyclorama

Classic Dispatches
Stephen Crane at Velestino

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