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MHQ Table of Contents, Summer 2013

5/7/2013 • MHQ Table of Contents


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The Quarterly Journal of Military History
Summer 2013, Volume 25, Number 4



Escape From Brooklyn

by Thomas Fleming

Trapped on Long Island, the Continental army slipped away under the cover of darkness—a defeat that taught George Washington how to win the war



Alexander the Monster

by Richard Gabriel

Historians say the Macedonian king’s battlefield atrocities were part of his brilliant military strategy. But were they really born of his personality?


The Worst Place of Any

by Rick Atkinson

American generals fail and an army is decimated in the dark recesses of Germany’s Hürtgen Forest. An excerpt from the last volume of Atkinson’s World War II?trilogy



True Blue and Gray

A veteran filmmaker brings color and new life to hundreds of Civil War photos from the Library of Congress


Guns vs. Pikes

by Paul Lockhart

In 1522, Spanish infantrymen demonstrated to Europe the fearsome power of firearms



‘A Strange and Blighted Land’

by Duane Schultz

After the Rebels retreated, Gettysburg faced a second invasion, by hordes of thieves and scavengers, nurses and gravediggers


Welcome to China! 

by Steven Trent Smith

The first American gunboat arrived on the Yangtze in 1854. What followed was nearly a century of fun and danger for a U.S. Navy patrol known as the YangPat Rats

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Gunning for Yellowstone

by George Black

Betrayal and bloodshed in the mid-1800s beget America’s first national park


Letter From MHQ




Behind the Lines
FDR: Could bats bomb Japan?

A World War I sniper’s surprise


The War List
West Point’s most notable stars

Honor Roll
A French general’s hero son, 1951

Weapons Check
Dawn of tanks, 1918

Fighting Words
The color of war

Drawn and Quartered
Witches over Vietnam

Battle Schemes
Italians on the loose in Spain, 1939



Museum Watch
The National WWII Museum’s new Freedom Pavilion: The Boeing Center

Holger Herwig on two books about WWI; a grunt’s view of Gettysburg; 10 great battles hit TV; and a photojournalist’s oral history of the Iraq War

A symphonic tribute to airmen. Listen to audio samples!

William Sherman joins the Union navy at Vicksburg—an excerpt from Jeff Shaara’s new novel

Cover caption: George Washington in triumph at Trenton in 1776. Read Thomas Fleming’s “Escape From Brooklyn” to learn how his earlier defeat at Brooklyn planted the seeds for victory in the Revolutionary War. (John Faed/Private Collection/Christie’s Images/The Bridgeman Art Library)

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