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MHQ Table of Contents, Summer 2012

5/3/2012 • MHQ Table of Contents

The Summer 2012 issue of MHQ will be available on newsstands May 15th, 2012. Visit the HistoryNet store to order your copy today!

The Quarterly Journal of Military History
Summer 2012, Volume 24, Number 4


Drive to Nowhere
by Robert M. Citino
Just how good were Rommel and his legendary Afrika Korps? Plus—the Desert Fox legend is born
Click here for a special Afrika Korps gallery

Through a Lens Darkly
by Croswell Bowen
A photographer in North Africa during World War II  found that survival mattered more than great images

Clearing the Fog of War
by Alexander Rose
In the late 1800s, countries raced to make smokeless gunpowder, transforming the look of battlefields

The Greatest Ancient Leader
by Barry Strauss
A top historian of antiquity sizes up the military genius of Alexander, Hannibal, and Caesar

Ten Minutes at Midway

by Alistair Horne
How a handful of American fliers crippled the Japanese fleet and turned the tide in the Pacific

Coming Home

At war’s end, Americans and allies return to joy, tears, and flag-waving

Our Man Against the British
by Hugh Howard
In the War of 1812’s darkest hour, President Madison turned to a once forgotten soldier to defend Washington

Reporting Live From Bull Run…

by John M. Taylor
Newspaper correspondents changed how the Civil War was fought—and made life hell for generals

97 Extra Round

Letter From MHQ



Diary of Disaster
by Jasmina Tesanovic

Unknown Soldier
The Hero of Atlanta
by Glenn W. LaFantasie

Behind the Lines
Easy Living in a Hard War
by Meredith H. Lair


The War List
Best—and worst—U.S. war czars

From the Dossier
Charles de Gaulle

Weapons Check
French 75mm field gun

Fighting Words
Animal terms in war

Speaking of…

Battle Schemes
Little Bighorn, 1876



Museum Watch
Samurai: The Warrior Transformed, National Geographic Museum, Washington, D.C., through September 3.

A definitive Alamo history, Civil War blogs, a WWI documentary, and Walter Cronkite

Alan Furst spins a dark WWII tale of intrigue and retribution

Murals of Waterloo and Trafalgar teach the British lessons of victory

Cover Photo: Field Marshal Erwin Rommel in France in 1944. In “Drive to Nowhere,” Robert M. Citino sorts fact from fiction in the legend of the Desert Fox. (© Roger-Viollet/The Image Works/Colorized by Vertis Communications)

Back Cover: Sailors returning home from the 1991 Gulf War celebrate during a parade in Manhat­tan. (Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Images)

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