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The Quarterly Journal of Military History
Spring 2013, Volume 25, Number 3



The Crucible [excerpt]
by Dennis Showalter

In 1943, Soviet armored forces, once nearly battered into submission by Hitler’s panzers, were forged anew in the bloody cauldron at Kursk


Glory Over the Mountains
by Marie Arana

South America’s bid for independence from Spain hinged on Simón Bolívar’s brilliant but grueling Andes campaign


A Good Plan Gone Wrong
by Dana B. Shoaf

Robert Sneden maps the Battle of Chancellorsville—a Union debacle and Robert E. Lee’s greatest victory


Why Not Send Women to War? [excerpt]
by Drew Lindsay

Desperation drove the major powers in World War II to do just that


Victory of a New Order
by Chuck Lyons

The triumph of Edward I over William Wallace’s Scottish rebels in 1298 heralded the modern army


The Art of Protection
A soldier’s armor reveals so much more than the story of battle


Deadly Decorum
by Richard Guilliatt and Peter Hohnen

Karl Nerger turned a homely freighter into the most audacious commerce raider of World War I. Yet his prisoners considered him a fine gentleman


Subscriber-Only Bonus Section

What World War I Generals Got Wrong
by John Prados

Enamored with offensive schemes of war, military leaders entered 1914 expecting quick victory. The result was instead a long, unprecedented slaughter

Extra Round


Letter From MHQ




Sailors undergo a baptism at sea

Unknown Soldier
A boxer at war


The War List
Significant sieges

Honor Roll
A seventh-century poet general

Weapons Check
AH-64D Apache helicopter

Fighting Words
From the World Wars to Korea

Drawn and Quartered
Winfield Scott as Hercules

Battle Schemes
Prisoners in the round



Museum Watch 
Urban Warfare. The exhibit WWII & NYC is at the New-York Historical Society through May 2013. See our gallery!

Furies: War in Europe, 1450–1700; Engineers of Victory in World War II; Utley on Geronimo; pirate history DVD; scholarly blogs; and an excerpt from Bruce Levine’s Fall of the House of Dixie?

A symphonic tribute to airmen. Listen to audio samples!

Epic Poem
Japan’s Tale of the Heike

Cover caption: The much-decorated Natalya Meklin was an officer in the legendary Night Witches, the Soviets’ all-women night bomber regiment.  (© RIA Nowosti/Alamy/Colorized by Vertis Communications))

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