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by Alistair Horne
Doolittle’s Raiders avenged Pearl Harbor by hitting the Japanese where they least expected it—at home

The Fireball at Zonchio
by Roger Crowley
A ferocious clash at sea with the Turks marked the end of Venice’s grand empire

Sherman’s Folly at Shiloh
by Winston Groom
Before one of the Civil War’s most brutal battles began, one of its finest generals made a near-fatal mistake

The 27-Day War
by Rod Paschall
How CIA operatives and U.S. Special Forces beat the Taliban in 2001 with airstrikes and old-fashioned tactics

Free Greece!
by Jennifer E. Berry
When the Greeks in 1821 tried to throw off years of oppression, artists found inspiration in their fight

Did FDR Doom Us to a Longer War?
by Joseph E. Persico
Ignoring his military chiefs, the president sided with Churchill and delayed invading Europe. At what cost?

Fur Frenzy
by Alan Axelrod
Mohawks waged a cruel war against Hurons during the mid-1600s to control the trade in beaver pelts

Catch Me If You Can
by Éric Grenier
A crafty German admiral led the British on a wild chase and changed the balance of power in World War I

Letter From MHQ

Pirates; spy planes

In praise of the machine gun

First Blood
by Deneys Reitz
A young Boer gets a taste of battle

Unknown Soldier
Soldier, Thief, Mercenary, Hero
by Rafe Blaufarb
Misadventures of a Napoleon aide

In Review
The Afghan Way of War, by Robert Johnson, and The Dark Defile, by Diana Preston. Plus, Ralph Peters’s new Killer Angels–like novel on Gettysburg, and David Petraeus’s heroes from history



The War List
Greatest tank commanders

From the Dossier
Andrew Jackson

Weapons Check
Dane ax

Fighting Words
Medieval terms

Speaking of…

Battle Schemes
Spanish Armada map

COVER PHOTO: A Special Forces soldier on alert in Afghanistan in 2002, known only as “Cowboy,” no name, no rank. Special Forces and the CIA were key to the operation that toppled the Taliban in 2001. (Scott Nelson/Getty Images)



The Enemy Among Us
by Thomas B. Allen
How British POWs came to dine with Thomas Jefferson at Monticello and fall in love with the country they once fought

Extra Round
Images of War: Photographer Philip Jones Griffiths captures a tense moment in Northern Ireland in 1972.



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