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The Quarterly Journal of Military History
Autumn 2012, Volume 25, Number 1


Napoleon’s Desert Storm
by O’Brien Browne
Why Western armies win battles—but not wars—in the Muslim world

Silent and Deadly
by C. G. Sweeting
In 1940 a few dozen glider-borne paratroopers on a secret mission for Hitler captured the world’s biggest fort


‘Something Dark and Bloody’
by Drew Lindsay
Lieutenant William Calley was court-martialed for the tragic My Lai massacre. But was war itself to blame?

Murder on the Battlefield
by Andrew Pedry
Wartime atrocities through the ages

Detroit Showdown

by Jon Guttman
In 1812, a brash young British commander took on an aging American hero. One of them earned victory laurels, the other a death sentence

Online Extra: Gallery of images from 1812: A Nation Emerges

In the Valley of the Shadow of Death
by Pamela D. Toler
Roger Fenton’s quiet photographs from the Crimean War

Teacher, Preacher, Soldier, Spy
by Ernest B. Furgurson
How the Methodist headmaster of a boys’ school became a Confederate secret agent—and tried to kidnap Lincoln


The Battle That Saved Taiwan
by Ronald Spector
Chiang Kai-shek’s last-gasp victory at Kinmen ensured his island nation’s future

Online Extra: Gallery of images from the Kinmen battle at Guningtou

Extra Round

Letter From MHQ



Life on an Ironclad
by Noah Andre Trudeau

Unknown Soldier
Medieval Georgia’s Renaissance Man
by Alexander Mikaberidze

Behind the Lines
Founding the Red Cross
by K. M. Kostyal


The War List
Top commanders from the age of sail

From the Dossier

Weapons Check
Pistole 08 Luger

Fighting Words
The language of cruelty

Speaking of…

Battle Schemes
Germany’s Invasion of Britain



Museum Watch 
Civil War and American Art, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, D.C., through April 2013.

Britain’s D-Day spies, Cold War series on DVD, Ireland’s Easter Rising online, and the end of Rome

Treating World War I battlefield injuries—with pen and ink

Conjuring the Iliad‘s war heroes

Cover caption: In 1798, Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Egypt and ousted its Muslim rulers. (Napoleon in Egypt, by Jean-Léon Gérôme. Oil on oak panel. Princeton University Art Museum. Museum purchase, John Maclean Magie, Class of 1892, and Gertrude Magie Fund. Photo credit: Bruce M. White, © Photo: Trustees of Princeton University)

Back cover caption: A member of the 11th Hussars in the Crimean War, one of Roger Fenton’s many photos from the conflict. (Roger Fenton/Library of Congress)

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