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The Persistent Myths of Guernica

by James S. Corum
After a Spanish town was bombed in 1937, overheated—and inaccurate—accounts of civilian deaths shook the world

‘The Roar and Rattle’
by Stephen W. Sears
At the bloody battle of Antietam, Robert E. Lee gambled, George McClellan hesitated, and Abraham Lincoln seized a chance to change history

Inventing on the Fly*[Preview Article & Web Extra Gallery Here]*
by David Sears
How daredevil U.S. Navy pilots used smarts and pluck—and a clutch of old torpedoes—to end an early stalemate in Korea

The War Over Plunder
by Colin Woodard
To the victor go the spoils. Or do they? Long-vanquished foes fight to reclaim their stolen cultural treasures

The Battle of Tenaru River

by Robert Leckie
A marine recalls the first major battle on Guadalcanal

The Best Defense?

by Jennifer E. Berry
Since ancient times, we’ve put up walls to keep enemies at bay

Julian’s Gamble in the Desert*[Preview Article Here]*
by Byron J. Nakamura
The Roman emperor set out with a bold plan to conquer Persia

The Revolution’s Band of Brothers
by Colin Woodard
Whether heroes or opportunists, the O’Brien family of privateers
helped America launch its battle for independence

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Fighting Words
The Charge of the Write Brigade
by Christine Ammer

Arms and Men
Simple but Deadly
by Chuck Lyons

Artists on War
Heroes in Coats, Breeches, and Cock’d Hats
by Pamela D. Toler

In Review
The Father of Us All, by Victor Davis Hanson
Manstein, by Gen. Mungo Melvin

NEW! Subscriber-Only Bonus Section A Swiss Mercenary in Ireland
by Jonathan North
A foot soldier in the 1690 Battle of the Boyne describes hardships and deprivations common to combatants throughout history

Extra Round


On The Cover: A connoisseur of classical art, Hitler in 1938 acquired a Roman marble copy of Myron’s Discus Thrower from Italy under questionable circumstances. After the war, Italy demanded its return, and the United States obliged, despite interest in bringing it to America. For more about the history of looting and the fight to reclaim stolen art, see “The War Over Plunder,” on page 44.

On The Back Cover: The Great Wall of
China is among the many defensive fortifications depicted in our Portfolio, beginning on page 62.


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