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With MHQ nearing its 25th anniversary, the editors dipped into the magazine’s rich archives to create a special issue, “Great American Fighters.” Stories include the dramatic tale of Patton at the Bulge; Sherman storming through Mississippi; and Andrew Jackson turning the British back at New Orleans. Click here for a complete story list. It’s available on selected newsstands and for $9.95 through World History Group’s store. Or call (800) 358-6327.

As a bonus, we’ve posted five additional stories that you won’t find in the print edition:

To Catch a Traitor
Recruited by George Washington to kidnap the turncoat Benedict Arnold, John Champe had to join the British himself to trap his man
by Michael Kranish

Our Man Against the British
In the War of 1812’s darkest hour, President Madison turned to a once forgotten sailor to defend Washington
by Hugh Howard

Immortal Confederate Cavalier
Based on solid military accomplishments and accented by personal flamboyance, Jeb Stuart’s enduring image as a cavalry icon has been perpetuated by admiring authors and artists
by Gary W. Gallagher

Payback for Pearl
Doolittle’s Raiders avenged Pearl Harbor by hitting the Japanese where they least expected it—at home
by Alistair Horne

Rick Rescorla: Hero of Ia Drang and the Twin Towers
Already a legend for his behavior in combat at Ia Drang, Rick Rescorla went on to save countless lives on 9/11
by Robert L. Bateman


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