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Cover Story

No Mercy on Malta
By Justin D. Lyons
Jean de la Valette and the Knights of St. John held off an Ottoman invasion force

The Half-Cocked Cossack
By Andrew McGregor
Freebooter Nikolai Ashinov sought glory in Africa—but brought Russia humiliation

Untouchable Agent 13
By Ron Soodalter
Prominent American general James Wilkinson was also a master of treason

Dressing to Kill
Portrait photographer Rory Lewis turns his camera on uniformed British soldiers

Speaking in Tongues
By Richard Selcer
American Indian code talkers flummoxed would-be German eavesdroppers in World War  I

Faceless Enemy
By Paul X. Rutz
Seeking to avenge a Zulu massacre, Afrikaners faced seemingly impossible odds

On the cover: Ottoman commander Dragut—both a general and one of the most capable admirals of his time—lies mortally wounded by artillery fire during the 1565 Siege of Malta. PHOTO: National Museum of Fine Arts, Malta/Bridgeman Images

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Laurie Rush: Saving Culture Amid Combat

By Fred L. Borch
In Rare Company

What We Learned From…
By Frank Jastrzembski
Siege of Jadotville, 1961

By Jon Guttman
M998 Humvee


Hallowed Ground
By Mark D. Van Ells
White Plains, New York

War Games

War’s Unexpected Images

In the Archives
Tripoli Pirates Foiled
By Anthony Brandt
U.S. President Thomas Jefferson turned from words to war against the Barbary states of North Africa

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