Cover Story

The Futile Charge of the Light Brigade
By Ron Soodalter
The British cavalry charged in the wrong direction—who to blame?

Pershing’s Gallant Legacy
By Fred Borch
“Black Jack” Pershing sought to inspire his doughboys, so he created America’s decorations

Full-Auto Firepower
By Jon Guttman
The machine gun has evolved from its hand-cranked origins into a fearsome force multiplier

The Man and the Legend
By Laura H. Lacey
A French Foreign Legionnaire and U.S. Marine, Pierre Ortiz became a fabled OSS agent

Zero Hour: First Day on the Somme
By Andrew Roberts
Shrill whistles, shell bursts and the hiss of bullets accompanied the British bloodletting in France

Ben-Gurion’s Bathtub Corps
By J. Wandres
Israel’s nascent navy was a laughingstock—until a young American officer took the helm

On the Cover: The British Light Brigade meets disaster at Balaclava, Crimea, in 1854. Photo: Richard Caton Woodville/National Army Museum, London/Bridgeman Images

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Dan Snow, the History Guy

By Robert Guttman
The Crew of USS Merrimac

What We Learned From…
By Chuck Lyons
Queenston Heights, 1812

By Jon Guttman
MaxxPro MRAP

Letter From Military History


Hallowed Ground
By David T. Zabecki
Jasna Góra Monastery, Czestochowa, Poland

War Games

War’s Unexpected Images

In the Archives
Battle of the Alma River
By T.J. Deakin
In the first major battle of the 1853–56 Crimean War a victorious Anglo-French army exacted a costly toll from the waiting Russians

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