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Lynchburg Town Song

12/7/2009 • Civil War, CWT Online Special


Lynchburg Town

chorus 1:

Going down to town,

I’m going down to town,

Going down to the Lynchburg Town,

To take my tobacco down.


chorus 2:

Times a-getting hard,

Money getting sca’ce,

Pay me for them tobacco, boys,

And I will leave this place.


Massa had an old gray horse,

Took him down to town,

Sold him for a half a dollar

And only a quarter down.

Old massa had a brand-new coat

And he hung it on the wall,

A nigger stole old massa’s coat

And wore it to the ball.


Old massa to the sheriff wrote

And sent it by the mail,

Mr. Sheriff got old massa’s note

And put the thief in jail.


Old massa had a big brick house,

‘Twas sixteen stories high,

And every story in that house

Was full of chicken pie.


Old massa was a rich old man

He was richer than a king

He made me beat the old tin pan

While Sary Jane would sing.


Old massa bought a yaller gal,

He fotch her from the South,

Her hair was wrapped so very tight

That she couldn’t shut her mouth.

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