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Letters from Readers- America’s Civil War January 2014

3/21/2017 • America's Civil War Magazine

That’s one magic bullet!

I have subscribed to America’s Civil War for several years now and thoroughly enjoy all the articles from cover to cover. I recently discovered a mistake in the September 2013 issue.

On P. 40 of Peter Cozzens’ article “What Price Victory?” it states that John Bell Hood was wounded at Chickamauga when “a Minié ball crushed [his] right leg just below the hip,” while the caption under the picture on P. 41 says he was “struck in the left leg by a Minié ball.” That picture shows the enemy on Hood’s right, which means he was shot in the right leg. If he had been struck in the left leg, as the caption states, then the bullet had to circle miraculously around his horse some way to hit that leg. Or his own troops shot him. Or, heaven forbid, they amputated the wrong leg!

Other than that…keep up the good work in bringing the Civil War to life.

Warren V. Osik

Billings, Mont.

Editor’s note: As you point out, Hood was indeed shot in the right leg.

Round Tables still active

Harold Holzer neglected to mention in September’s “Cease Fire” column that many Civil War Round Tables did not originally welcome women. That is no longer the case. But he is correct in saying that members are growing older. The round table to which I belong has seen a shift in membership in the past decade. Many members also belong to other historical societies and often partner with them for events. Volunteers from my round table helped with a recent Memorial Day event created by the Westmoreland County and Baltzer-Meyer historical societies to honor Civil War soldiers. At Greensburg’s St. Clair Cemetery, volunteers helped interpret the lives of the 180 Civil War soldiers buried there. There are plans to do this at other cemeteries this Veterans’ Day and for both holidays the remaining two years of the sesquicentennial. Such partnerships often lead people to join the organizations involved.

Mary Ann Mogus

Greensburg, Pa.


Originally published in the January 2014 issue of America’s Civil War. To subscribe, click here.

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