Remembering a Philippine Scout

Thank you for the March 2015 Warriors a fitting tribute to the men of the Philippine Scouts who proved article. It is Great to be among America’s most determined and courageous defenders of freedom.

My dad’s cousin, Torcuato A. “Lolo Cato” Ludan, enlisted in 1940 as an infantry corporal in the Philippine Scouts. He escaped during the horrific Bataan Death March, fled to the mountains of Northern Luzon, and joined fellow escapees to wage a relentless guerrilla war against the Japanese until General Douglas MacArthur’s return. He passed away in 1982. I will share this article with his surviving daughter, Nena L. Dizon, who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.



Readers who are interested in learning more about the heroic guerrilla (or “guerilla”) war that Filipinos waged against their country’s Japanese occupiers can check out Mr. Ludan’s outstanding article, “A Filipino Guerilla’s Story,” at armchairgeneral. com/a-filipino-guerillasstory.htm.

Naval Warfare Fan

As a fan of naval warfare and the history of sea combat, I very much enjoyed the March 2015 What Next, General? article on the British warships HMS Prince of Wales and Repulse. Although I was familiar with the famous December 10, 1941, battle in which the two ships were sunk by Japanese planes, I had always assumed that the ships’ fates were inevitable. However, as the article points out, British Admiral Sir Tom Phillips did have viable alternative courses of action that he might have chosen to follow instead of the historical plan. I was particularly fascinated by the “what-if” plan in which the southwest Pacific’s two most powerful battleships survived the war’s opening months and were present at the February 1942 Battle of the Java Sea – that could have been a decisive game changer! I hope you will publish more articles on naval warfare in the future.



Our future articles on naval warfare planned for 2015 include a You Command Combat Decision Game featuring U.S. Navy PT boats in World War II and a Battle Studies piece examining the 1905 Battle of Tsu Shima fought between the Japanese and Russian fleets.

Facebook “Likes”

We have received some great posts on ACG’s Facebook page and thought we would share them with our readers:

Jason Tabacheck: Loved this magazine. When I was over in Afghanistan, the group I was with would always wait for me to buy it and then read it when I was finished. This was the magazine issue that had information on Operation Enduring Freedom and post-U.S. Afghanistan [March 2014 Special Feature by William V. Wenger].

Mark Brownell: The latest issue [January 2015], as always, is great!

Timothy Moore: I’ve already got my copy [of the January 2015 issue] – yet another one chock full of great writing and commentary! Long may you continue, ACG!!

John D. Patrick: As someone who graduated in military science, I always look forward to seeing if Armchair General could stump me; sure enough, they do write perfect articles which get me every time. My memory is slacking over the years, but it’s great to get a fresh piece of history. Thank you and please continue writing; absolutely love your magazines.

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APO Subscriptions

I am an Army officer stationed in Italy and would like to know if your magazine can be mailed to an APO address? My Italian mailbox is rarely protected from the rain and snow and I fear the magazine would get ruined if I sent it there. Thank you.



Yes, indeed! We have a number of subscribers with APO/FPO addresses.

With the help of Senior Online Editor Gerald Swick, we put Lieutenant Webster in touch with ACG’s subscriptions service, and we are thrilled that he is now a subscriber.

Gray Ghost

As a kid, one of my favorite TV shows was the 1957-58 series “The Gray Ghost,” starring Tod Andrews as Confederate partisan John Singleton Mosby. Therefore, I read with great interest John W. Mountcastle’s terrific March 2015 Battlefield Leader article on the historical Mosby. The article not only was very informative and detailed about the real-life Mosby’s exploits, it also brought back some great childhood memories.




Originally published in the May 2015 issue of Armchair General.