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June 2013 – Civil War Times – Table of Contents

4/3/2013 • CWT Issues


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A Bloody Summer for Horsemen
By J.D. Petruzzi
Constant fighting taxed troopers during the Gettysburg summer of 1863

George Meade’s Mixed Legacy
By Allen C. Guelzo
Why did the victor of Gettysburg let Robert E. Lee get away?

Dying to Be Free
By Jim Downs
Smallpox killed thousands of newly freed slaves

Fashion Forward
By Juanita Leisch Jensen
Militaria was all the rage, even on the home front

‘Texas need not feel ashamed’
By Drew Gruber
Firsthand account of how the Texas Brigade won the day at Gaines’ Mill

Winfield Scott’s Last Mission
By Robert D. Shuster and William G. Shuster
“Old Fuss and Feathers” played a key role in the Trent Affair

Details from our Table of Contents page of 1865 Richmond, Va.


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  1. Janice Stoy says:

    The horseman featured in the CW Times June issue is my great grandfather. I have been hunting for years on information on him, that I do not have and also a tin type that I was told there was. Could you please give me any information on where the information for this article came from and how to get in contact with them. Please help….

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