Cover Story

Werewolves of Aachen
By Kelly Bell
Nazi assassination squads targeted collaborationists as the Third Reich crumbled

His Own Worst Enemy
By Richard A. Gabriel
Mark Antony’s star was on the rise in Rome—until Cleopatra pulled down the shades

Turning Point in Kargil
By Paraag Shukla
Indian soldiers won a hard-fought, high-altitude victory in the summer of 1999

War in Still Life
By Deborah Stadtler
Photographer Roger Fenton navigated technical challenges to capture the Crimean War

Narrow Path to Victory
By Steven Trent Smith
Tiny trains did the giant work of supporting frontline troops in World War I

On the Inside Under Fire
By Ron Soodalter
Though lacking castles, moats and armored knights, America has had its share of sieges

On the cover: In March 1945 22-year-old Nazi diehard Ilse Hirsch served as urban scout for a squad of Werewolves, assassins assigned to kill Franz Oppenhoff, mayor of Allied-occupied Aachen, Germany. PHOTO: Bundesarchiv

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Author Neal Bascomb

By Jessica Wambach Brown
He Built, He Fought

What We Learned From…
By David T. Zabecki
Operation Michael, 1918

By Jon Guttman
Krupp 28 cm K5(E) Railway Gun


Hallowed Ground
By William John Shepherd
Bushy Run Battlefield, Pennsylvania

War Games

War’s Unexpected Images

In the Archives
Mark Antony’s Persian Campaign

By Glenn Barnett
The Parthian campaign was the turning point in Antony’s fortunes, a disaster from which he never recovered

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