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Welcome to the new and improved!  Let me be the first to thank you for checking out our new site and looking in at this tour to see what is new, what has stayed the same, and what is coming down the pipeline.  So, let’s jump right in!

Daily Quiz: One of our most popular and long time features, the Daily Quiz will definitely be on the new site.  However, we are currently revamping how we present the questions which will take us a little time to complete.  You can find it in the middle of the front page (see image below).

HistoryNet Daily Quiz Location

Today in History: The Today in History (TDIH) is still alive and well.  We are going to be expanding the amount of content we have for each day, but that will take some time to develop with our writers.  It is currently located in the bottom right of the front page (see image below);

HistoryNet Today in History graphic

Picture of the Day: This feature has been recently restored.  It can be found in the same box as Today in History (see image above).

Magazine Issue Landing Pages: We are working on putting these back online.  The latest articles from all the issues are found in the respective magazine categories (see image below, left).  The very latest articles will be placed in the large marquee (see below, right) and the section just below it.

HistoryNet Features and Articles

News: Our history news is currently being developed to bring you more interesting and timely news. We want to pull from a variety of sources to provide a diverse mix of interesting history related news. Currently the news is set to bring in the latest news from the History News Network, though we hope to add other sites to broaden our news sources.  News is our first feature box (see image below).

HistoryNet News

Armchair General Features: Our partner site for Armchair General magazine publishes unique online articles which we like to highlight here.  These articles are generally related to military history, and often ask one of the most important questions for a historian — "What if?"   We hope you enjoy these features!  They can be found in the 4th box of our features (see image below).

Monthly Spotlight and Recent Issues: With 10 magazines devoted to history, it is difficult to give them each the limelight they deserve.  Each month we will give one magazine extra attention by shouting to the world what makes each one so special.  This will display the latest feature articles from the chosen title (see image on left, below).  Similarly, the next feature box shows the latest issues as they come out and displays the Table of Contents, the letters from readers, and any related editorial. (see image on right, below)

Historynet Recent Issues

 More forthcoming!