Facts, information and accomplishments about Hillary Rodham Clinton, a famous woman in history

Hillary Rodham Clinton Facts


Hillary Diane Rodham 10/26/1947 Chicago, Illinois


Bill Clinton, 42nd President Of the United States


67th United States Secretary of State
United States Senator
First Lady of the United States
First Lady of Arkansas.

Hillary Rodham Clinton summary: 67th United States Secretary of State, United States Senator, First Lady of the United States and First Lady of Arkansas. She is well-known across the globe as an American politician. Hillary Rodham Clinton was the Secretary of State for the US from 2009-2013. She served under President Barack Obama. She went to Wellesley College and was a commencement speaker which is where she first attracted national attention.

Twice, Hillary Clinton has been listed in the list of the100 most influential American lawyers. When she was the First lady of Arkansas while her husband served as the governor she was successful in leading the task force that reformed the education system in Arkansas. During her time as First Lady the Whitewater controversy and the Lewinski scandal were highly publicized in the media. The public’s opinion of her increased sizably during the Lewinski scandal and many speculated it was because of the poise with which she carried herself during the time.

Hillary Clinton is regarded as the First Lady that has been most empowered, except Eleanor Roosevelt. She has served two terms as a US Senator and ran for the presidential office. The American general public considers her a liberal. She has worked in favor of universal health care. No other First ladies held a post-graduate degree before Hillary Rodham Clinton. Bill was heard during his campaign to say he was providing, ‘two for one price,’ in reference to the work that his wife would be doing alongside him. She has been a strong advocate for a revamping of society morally, stating we were suffering from a ‘sleeping sickness of the soul.’ She and Bill Clinton have one daughter, Chelsea.