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A Solid Foundation

Some time before the war began, Sharpsburg, Maryland, farmer David R. Miller decided to spruce up his large home and cover it with stucco, scribed to look like cut stone (below). Beneath that fancy new exterior, however, it remained a log house, a sturdy foundation that has lasted into this century in fine shape (P. 62).

 With the next issue, Civil War Times will be celebrating its 50th year of publication. We hope you’ll agree that the magazine, like Miller’s farmhouse, has survived the ravages of time remarkably well. Anticipating our big anniversary, we’ve spruced up our own “house” with a face-lift: a sweeping redesign that we hope you agree gives the magazine a more modern feel. Rest assured, though, Civil War Times’ foundation remains as solid as ever. Captivating stories, new information, fascinating images and an honest approach to the conflict—these are the things that will not change. So enjoy the new look. It’s built on bedrock sturdy enough for at least another 50 years.


Originally published in the December 2011 issue of Civil War Times. To subscribe, click here.