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Civil War Times – October 2010 – Table of Contents

8/25/2010 • CWT Issues


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‘Until Every Negro Has Been Slaughtered’
Why did Rebels execute USCTs at Petersburg?
By Kevin M. Levin

Mad as a Hatter
Crazy Boston Corbett shot down John Wilkes Booth
By Eric Niderost

Loose Cannon
Charlie Smithgall’s remarkable artillery collection

Cemetery Hill’s Forgotten Savior
Union General John Buford’s timely feint saved the day
By J. David Petruzzi

Memories of America’s Bloodiest Day
Antietam survivors look back on the horrific fight
By Thomas G. Clemens

Blunder at the Bridge
Rebel General Earl Van Dorn narrowly escaped after Corinth
By Peter Cozzens


Mail Call
Confederate History Month; Lee’s Papers; Cemetery Hill

Civil War Today
Cleveland’s Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument; Battle of Shepherdstown; Great Train Raid’s 150th

Susannah Ural researches the Irish and Texans

Blue & Gray
Where the Union Army went, emancipation followed
By Gary W. Gallagher

Collateral Damage
Antietam’s Roulette Farm
By Harry Smeltzer

Field Guide
Atlanta, Georgia

Letter From Civil War Times

Lincoln’s cabinet and generals; Shenandoah Valley Campaign; spicy diary of a Rebel deserter

Stone Mountain; touring Ford’s Theatre virtually; artillery contests

By Mike Caplanis

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