‘Bread or Blood’
Desperate Southern women turned to violence to feed their families
By Stephanie McCurry

The best and worst Gettysburg monuments
By Kim A. O’Connell

Landscape of Remembrance
Manassas is an oasis amid suburban sprawl—with an enduring Confederate bent
By Philip Kennicott

Bonus Map
David Fuller traces the First Manassas Campaign

Hell in the Harbor
The shelling sounded like an “army of devils” in and around Fort Sumter for hours on end
By Adam Goodheart

Where Is Meade?
George Gordon Meade is the war’s Rodney Dangerfield
By Tom Huntington


Mail Call
Revised casualty counts for Grant and Lee; horn ball or hame?

Civil War Today
J.E.B. Stuart’s flag; Tod Carter’s killer; and Forrest defeated

Blue & Gray
Rehabilitating James Longstreet
By Gary W. Gallagher

Collateral Damage
Henry Bottom builds a cemetery after the Battle of Perryville
By Harry Smeltzer

Field Guide
Chicago: Unexpected treasures in the Second City

Eric A. Campbell on Cedar Creek Battlefield

Letter From Civil War Times

New Virginia Historical Society exhibit; Antietam now and then; Secession-era editorials

Lincoln cortege in Chicago; Abner Doubleday’s account of leaving Fort Sumter

Caricatures by Mike Caplanis