I particularly enjoyed your article ‘Loneliness and Liberty’ (April/May 1996, page 18) about the Brontë sisters at Haworth. I also live in the San Diego, California area where the author Karen Kenyon resides, and the Haworth-Osenhope-Stanbury area of Yorkshire is one of my favourite places in England.

I always stay at the Hill Top Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast, above Haworth on the Haworth Moor, owned by Brenda and Alan Fox. They have three very lovely, Victorian furnished, ensuite rooms in a beautiful old stone farmhouse and the best English breakfast in those parts. Brenda and Alan make you feel like a welcomed guest in their home, and the view of the moors from all three bedrooms is breathtaking. The farmhouse also is centrally located for travel to many attractions in Yorkshire and the Lake District. For those interested, the phone number is 01535 643524.

Also, in answer to reader J.A. Hiestand who made an inquiry about actor Patrick Malahide, (‘Brettish Heritage’, page 6) Mr. Malahide appears as Chief Inspector Allen on the A&E Channel in the United States, on Tuesday evenings–he alternates with Chief Inspector Morse, played by John Thaw and with Inspector Frost in a Touch of Frost, played by David Jason (of the old Open all Hours series).

Patricia Mitchell
Chula Vista, California

Roger Billcliffe’s article on Charles Rennie Mackintosh (April/May 1996, page 29) was exceptional in a magazine full of interesting and informative articles.

Your readers may be interested to know they can actually stay overnight in two Mackintosh buildings. They are The Hill House in Helensburgh (mentioned in the article) and The Mackintosh Building in Comrie (north of Edinburgh, not mentioned in the article). A non-profit British organization, The Landmark Trust, has converted the top floor of The Hill House and the upper floor of The Mackintosh Building into apartments. They can be rented out for stays ranging from three days to three weeks, depending on the time of year. Renters will get the key from the housekeeper, who lives nearby, and then the property is ‘their’s.’ In the words of the Landmark Trust Handbook, ‘they can see and use all of it, cook, sleep and play in it, explore the neighbourhood and then return to it.’

To purchase The Landmark Trust Handbook, listing and describing these and about 150 other historic properties, contact The Landmark Trust, 28 Birge Street, Bustleboro, VT 05301. Tel: 802-254-6868. The handbook costs $19.50.

Eloise J. Ables

I would like to thank your readers for contacting me with regard to the Poldark Appreciation Society (PAS). It is always nice to hear from fellow Poldarkians, especially those living in the USA!

The Society alerady has many members thoughout the States, some of whom have attended our annual luncheons and our Poldark Week, which is held here in Cornwall every year. For full details about this annual event, please send an International Reply Coupon to: Poldark Appreciation Society, P.O. Box 12, Wadebridge, Cornwall PL27 6YX, England.

Many Poldarkians outside the UK may be unaware of the disastrous outcome of a new production of Poldark, which was made by HTV last summer. After much discussion, the producers decided to offer the roles of Ross and Demelza to two different actors instead of Robin Ellis and Angharad Rees. Needless to say, this decision was not a popular one and it ultimately led to the new production being shelved. I received thousands of letters from all over the world from outraged Poldarkians who said they would not accept anyone except Robin and Angharad in the leading roles. These comments were passed on to HTV during a demonstration held by PAS members outside their London offices last August. Sadly, HTV chose to ignore public opinion and in doing so their production has slipped into oblivion!

UK Gold is currently showing the original BBC series to huge audiences, which only endorses the opinion that Poldark is still as popular as ever and a new series with the original cast is long overdue.

I know Robin Ellis and Angharad Rees very well and they are both extremely disappointed not to have had the opportunity of taking up the roles of Ross and Demelza again. Although the story has moved on 12 years, Robin and Angharad are still perfect for the leads and I feel that as they brought the characters to life, no one else could possibly step into their shoes.

I hope to hear from more Poldarkians and to have the opportunity of meeting some of you in Cornwall this summer.

Val Adams, Founder PAS
Cornwall, England

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