I have never written to a magazine to compliment them on their advertisers before, but there is a first time for everything.

I started buying your magazine several years ago, always enjoying the articles and lively photos. Now, as a subscriber, I thought I’d let you know that I enjoy the advertisers, too. I have been to The Flavour of Britain several times, and have also visited The Best of British in Philadelphia. I learned about both of these tea rooms in your magazine. However, the tea rooms and catalogue shopping pale in comparison to Midway Motor Travel of Wiltshire.

While planning our fourth trip to Britain, I took advantage of the 800 number to request a brochure. Thanks to their advertisement in your magazine, we made the acquaintance of Mr. Anton Proele of Midway. Anton helped us–my husband, myself, and two dear friends–plan our trip through the South of England. From Southampton and the Mary Rose to the Fleet Air Museum at Yeovil, to Cheddar Gorge, we visited England as we never have before. Anton’s wit, expertise, and concern for our welfare were exceptional.

Thank you for helping me to find Midway Motor Travel.

Peggy Zikowitz,
Media, Pennsylvania

Editor’s Note: We receive letters expressing the wish for fewer advertisements in the magazine. We’ve published this letter to demonstrate the real value that our advertisers provide. Yes, ads do occupy space that might otherwise be devoted to an additional photo or a few more paragraphs of text; but they also provide valuable information in their own right. We’re glad Peggy was able to use this information to plan a more enjoyable trip to England, and wish for similar results for all of our readers.


Imagine our delight to find a perceptive review (August/September, page 58-59) of the recently concluded project by our son, Paul, to record the complete solo lute works of John Dowland. We are not used to finding such reviews in the magazine, so the delight is multiplied.

You have undoubtedly been told many times by now about the typo in the next to last paragraph: the orpharion was known in the 16th century and the date of 1580, not 1850, is associated with a surviving example built by John Rose, possibly the inventor of the lovely, largely forgotten instrument.

Ralph E. O’Dette
Columbus, OH

Editor’s Note: Thank you for pointing out our unintentional transposition. We apologize for the error.


In our review of Angela Thirkell’s Peace Breaks Out (June/July, page 66) the quote ‘more than a corner of Trollope’s mantle has descended upon [Angela Thirkell], was incorrectly attributed to The New York Times. The proper source of that quote is the Christian Science Monitor. We apologize for the error.


The British telephone numbers provided in British Heritage include an initial zero, which callers from North America do not need to dial when placing a call to Britain. North American callers should dial 011-44 in place of the initial zero. When travelling in Britain, dial the telephone numbers exactly as printed. Please note that all prices quoted in editorial material are correct to the best of our knowledge. We suggest readers call ahead before visiting stately homes, etc., to ensure they have up-to-date details.