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Atlas of Military Strategy: The Art, Theory and Practice of War 1618-1878, by David G. Chandler, Arms and Armour Press, Sterling Publishing Co., New York, 1998, $24.95.

William Tecumseh Sherman once wrote: “The knowledge of geography in its greatest detail is essential to a true military education.” Atlas of Military Strategy: The Art, Theory and Practice of War 1618­1878 provides that essential element in a superbly illustrated volume of maps, art, line drawings, photographs, artifacts, charts and graphs of warfare as it was fought over 260 years in Europe, the Crimea, North America and India, written by one of the greatest military chroniclers of this century.

As author Chandler himself puts it: “Each one of the 200 maps features standard battlefield symbols for lines of attack, defense and retreat for infantry, artillery, and naval units, along with placement of camps, entrenchments and fortifications, as well as roads, bridges and natural terrain–every factor necessary for accurate understanding….More clearly than ever, both classic maneuvers and strategic innovations are shown to be keys to victory and defeat.”

This is a work that all military buffs will want to read, own and treasure, as well as refer to time and time again for every nugget of information that can be gleaned.

Blaine Taylor